Bore Park, Moncton Water Main Installation

When an area is sensitive either environmentally or even historically, directional drilling is an excellent technique that can be employed to prevent disturbance to the surface, seen here during the installation of a water main through the busy downtown Bore Park, Moncton in the middle of summer.

Champlain Street Culvert Relocation

CN Gordon Auger Drill

Installation of a 711mm steel casing by case auger bore system in the CN Gordon Yard in Moncton, NB, completed as an environmental improvement at the facility. A 40 metre bore under three sets of active train tracks was completed to allow an upgrade to the existing drainage system.

Sewer Lagoon Overflow, Hillsborough, NB

In the summer of 2012, MRM performed the installation of a sewer lagoon overflow using 400mm HDPE for a total length of 250 metres. Directional drilling was chosen in lieu of traditional trenching due to the environmentally sensitive area around the Petitcodiac River known as Provincially Significant Wetlands.

Town of Oxford, Nova Scotia Emergency Water Main

An emergency repair of a 100mm water main under River Phillip was completed to restore water service in Oxford, Nova Scotia. Approximately 77 metres of water main was installed under the river without any disturbance to the waterway.

Manchester Park Duct Bank

The installation of a new two cell concrete encased duct bank in Manchester Crescent Park, Riverview for NB Power Corporation in October 2016. Landscape restoration was completed after installation.

Parallel Water Mains, Memramcook, NB

Using two drilling rigs simultaneously, MRM twinned over 300 metres of 250mm and 300mm water mains running along Main Street, Memramcook in the summer of 2016. Under culverts and key road crossings without any disruption to the surrounding traffic patterns or neighbours.

Main Street and Steadman Street, Moncton using an Air Ram Technique

As part of the Steadman Street reconstruction project in 2016, MRM installed 37 metres of 600mm sanitary sewer pipe inside a 900mm casing by auger case bore method. Another 48 metres of 1200mm storm sewer pipe inside a 1525mm casing was installed using an air ram technique which requires an air powered hammer to pound the casing into place.

CN Dartmouth Auger Drill

During a 24 hour shift cycle, our team installed a 600mm steel casing by auger case bore method in association with an environmental upgrade of the hump yard. With a total length of 74 metres, the bore ran under ten sets of active CN train tracks without any disruption to the rail system.

Dorchester Crossing Carrier Casing Water Main, Memramcook

Installed parallel 600mm casings, one with 300mm water main and the other with a 250mm, 90 metres per bore, under the main line tracks at Dorchester Crossing.